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Fund Administration Services

Fund Administration Services: Finding Operational Alpha in a Sea of Sameness

Money managers, including plan sponsors, institutional managers, family offices, hedge funds and private equity firms, generate value for investors in three ways: investment performance, cost management and fiduciary supervision. The former represents the alpha that all firms look to produce for clients, while the latter is often seen by investment firms as a necessary evil, particularly when it comes to operational functions, like fund administration. More and more, firms are outsourcing fund administration tasks in an effort to establish rigorous controls, stronger processes and minimize risk associated with operational inefficiency. With a landscape cluttered with providers who all offer the same services, finding the right fund administration partner is just as critical as the decision to outsource.
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Winning RFP

Plan Sponsors: Finding Value To Right The Ship

Many pension plan sponsors, particularly state-run retirement systems, struggle with growing unfunded liabilities. In recent years, low returns and high actuarial assumptions resulted in lower than required gains on assets and insufficient state contributions to the plans. An aging workforce nearing retirement coupled with fewer resources entering the workforce make funding gaps difficult to overcome. To combat this urgent problem, plan sponsors must maximize their use of technology to monitor and track their investments, and must keep expenses under control.
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Winning RFP

Winning the RFP - How STP's Unique Value Proposition Beat the Competition

To assess and select potential middle and back office partners, investment companies often undergo a comprehensive RFP (Request For Proposal). When a large institutional and retail asset manager based in the West South Central States decided to outsource its middle and back office functions, it commissioned a prominent consulting firm to manage an extensive RFP
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Gaining Effeciency

Gaining Efficiency and Scaling Growth - How Outsourcing Transformed a Start-Up Investment Firm into a Big Player

For start-up investment firms, finding value wherever possible is critical to the firm's future. Many firms have solid processes in place for managing investments, as this is a core competency. However, operational processes are not, and firms often overlook or underestimate the importance of these processes in producing shareholder and investor value.
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