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Outsource with Confidence

September 13, 2010
Patrick Murray, President and CEO

EXTON- Decision makers are often faced with the question of whether to make, buy, or outsource. Developing something from scratch provides control over functionality, but introduces maintenance costs and extensive time to develop and adequately test. Buying a product or service often gets you 50-75% of the way there, but is rarely "plug-and-play" as integration, customization, deployment, and upgrade costs can put tremendous pressures on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Outsourcing allows businesses to get back to core competencies and provides access to a center of excellence relatively quickly, but raises the question of confidence and dependability. So how does one build trust and achieve confidence with clients who choose to outsource?

  1. Be timely
  2. Be accurate
  3. Be helpful
  4. Be honest and upfront
  5. Be the best at what you do

In everything I do personally and professionally, I pride myself in being genuine while striving to be the best. At STP, by leveraging technology and talented/experienced staff, we are able to deliver faster results, and due to our systematic and human controls, be confident in our accuracy. With a focus on service and proactive dedication to improving our clients' businesses, confidence can be more easily attained than by strictly providing a commoditized service with no care for the big picture, downstream effects, or the client's business in general, which can be the case at larger service providers. Confidence is about building a relationship where both sides function as partners to improve both of their respective businesses. Satisfaction is acquired by setting the bar high, building a roadmap, and most importantly achieving it. How do you outsource with confidence? Find a provider like STP who cares about moving your business forward.

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