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The STP Portal is a web based enterprise client and operational reporting system that serves as the next generation solution for all financial industry reporting and data management needs.

Features & Highlights

Report & Package Generation

The STP Portal empowers users to quickly generate client and operational reports and packages for multiple accounts at once.

Report Package Management

Users can dynamically define reporting packages by specifying a list of accounts and an ordered list of inventoried reports.

Operational Reporting Dashboards

The STP Portal provides drill-down based dashboards that include performance, reconciliation, trade and compliance data.

Data & Commentary Management

STP Portal provides data management and commentary upload forms with drag & drop features to handle all report requirements.

Ad Hoc Reporting

The Ad Hoc reporting feature allows users to dynamically build and register inventoried reports from a formatted image or plain text.

Scheduling & Distribution

Schedule reporting packages on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly interval. Distribute results to a desired contact list.

Client & Investor Views

Performance, position, and transaction data is accessible through a dashboard view. Account statements are available for download.

Role Based Security

Granular role based security framework that provides group-based access for all system users and objects.

Tag Based Filtering

Efficient tag based filtering capability for all reports, packages and account lists defined within the STP Portal.