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STP Investment Services Announces Enhancements to its Fund Administration Solutions

October 1st, 2016

STP Investment Services utilizes Backstop Solutions Group and its Cogency software to manage partnership accounting for its clients

STP Investment Services, a collaborative partner providing scalable, transparent, middle and back office solutions to investment managers, today announced a new strategic relationship with Backstop Solutions Group, a leading provider of cloud-based financial technology solutions. The relationship with Backstop Solutions Group will allow STP Investments Services to utilize its Cogency Software to expand its partnership accounting solutions for investment firms.

STP Investment Services selected Cogency in order to further automate its partnership accounting workflow and continue to streamline operations. The Cogency suite will help STP better mitigate risk, improve marketability to investors and streamline critical partnership accounting data from a single solution. This relationship will further enhance the STP Portal, which serves as the proprietary platform for clients and investors for all transparent reporting and data management needs.

“We are very pleased about the addition of Cogency to our service offering which again builds upon our continued push to provide superior products and services to our clients,” said Patrick Murray, President and CEO, STP Investments Services. “Our vision of providing our clients with scalable solutions that help them save time, increase productivity and make better investment decisions continues to be the driving force behind all of our key relationships.”

About STP Investment Services

STP Investment Services is a collaborative partner providing scalable, transparent, middle and back office solutions to fund and investment managers, giving them the technology, expertise and confidence needed to focus on core business objectives. In order to decrease operational risk and scale the business rapidly and effectively, investment managers need to focus on people, processes and platforms. STP Investment Services, an international company with fully owned offices in the United States and India, provides a broad range of services for the asset management industry with capabilities to process all asset classes and meet ever-evolving business requirements.

For more information, visit STP Investment Service’s website at and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter @STPIS!

About Backstop Solutions Group

Backstop Solutions Group is a leading provider of cloud-based financial technology solutions for hedge funds, funds of funds, pensions, endowments, private equity firms, consultants and family offices. Founded in 2003, Backstop created the industry’s first web-based software that helps firms in the alternative investment management industry operate more efficiently, invest intelligently and communicate effectively. With offices across the United States and in Europe and Asia, Backstop now serves over 670 firms worldwide, making it one of the fastest growing software providers in the financial services industry. For more information visit

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