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STP Investment Services Announces Strategic Relationship with Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions

August 9th, 2016

STP Investment Services utilizes World-Check One software to create regulatory solutions for its clients
World Check One

STP Investment Services, a collaborative partner providing scalable, transparent, middle and back office solutions to investment managers, today announced a new strategic relationship with Reuters Risk Management Solutions. The relationship allows STP Investments Services to expand its Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) solutions through its World-Check One software.

The new software partnership is designed to help STP Investments balance changing regulatory requirements and increased operational burden through a more targeted KYC approach. The solution simplifies screening for money laundering, sanctions and threat finance, as well as detailed monitoring of Politically Exposed Person (PEP) relationships via a customizable framework enabling adaptable screening for a variety of compliance obligations. The system provides STP Investment Services with detailed control to maximize the use of technology, enable smarter workflow and reduce remediation costs.

“As our clients’ regulatory needs continue to evolve, it is essential that we are able to provide a streamlined and tailored service to assist them in meeting their needs,” said Patrick Murray, founder and CEO of STP Investment Services. “We’re thrilled about our new strategic relationship with Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions, as its World-Check One will enable us to enhance our KYC/AML service offering to clients and ensure that regulatory obligations of the present and future are satisfied efficiently.”

About STP Investment Services
STP Investment Services is a collaborative partner providing scalable, transparent, middle and back office solutions to investment managers, giving them the technology, expertise and confidence needed to focus on core business objectives. In order to decrease operational risk and scale the business rapidly and effectively, investment managers need to focus on people, processes and platforms. STP Investment Services, an international company with fully owned offices in the United States and India, provides a broad range of services for the asset management industry with capabilities to process all asset classes and meet ever-evolving business requirements.

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