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Tools To Fuel Efficiency

September 13, 2010
Author: Chris Sallemi, Financial Systems Developer

EXTON- Technology is a core focus at STP. We recognize that technology enables us to provide unmatched services to our clients. To ensure the best quality of service, we have integrated a number of software based tools to help improve our daily processes. These tools directly enhance our operational effectiveness, which in turn allows us to provide an exceptional client experience.

The first tool is KnowledgeTree, a robust document control system. We utilize this system to manage and maintain all workflow and supporting control documentation required to run an automated and controlled operation. This open source system also allows us to version, secure, tag, monitor, and backup every financial document within our environment. Ultimately, KnowledgeTree is an ideal match for our file sharing and collaborative needs. Gone are the days of multiple versions of the same document. Documentation at STP is centrally housed in KnowledgeTree and referenced via links and a check-in/check-out process, which avoids wasted network space and multiple versions of the same document. This web-based document and content management tool ensures the integrity of our data and documentation.

Our vision is to provide a quality of service that will strengthen the core business of our clients. To provide such a service, we understand that organizing, maintaining and handling client requests seamlessly is essential. Currently, most of our client’s requests come directly from email, phone, and instant messaging software. To effectively handle these requests on a daily basis and to make sure no request is overlooked, we rely on a web 2.0 based application called Zendesk. This tool enables us to properly categorize, maintain, prioritize and ultimately capture any new lessons from a support ticket throughout its entire life cycle. We also use this system to create internal task based tickets to improve our business operation. When we open a ticket from a client, we not only want to solve the issue as soon as possible, but we want to capture the lesson and share this knowledge with each person in our organization. This sharing enables us to continuously learn and improve our services.

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