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Fee Billing

Struggling with adapting new client fee arrangements?

Implement Flexible Fee Billing Technology

Implement Flexible Fee Billing Technology

User-Defined Fields – set custom fee billing parameters

Import Different Data Sources – import custodian, accounting, or client data

Billing Frequencies – monthly, quarterly, off-quarter, semi-annual, annual

Calculate Invoices Using Different Values – daily/monthly average, month-end/quarter-end, four-month average, prior/current quarter average

Combine Accounts on Invoices – aggregate assets & combine billing OR aggregate assets & bill separately

API – connect to CRMs and other systems

More Choices, More Options

More Choices, More Options

Accounting for Cash Flows

  • Adjust invoices based on cash flows from custodians or accounting
  • Use a percentage threshold to see specific cash flows
  • Calculate cashflow impact based on beginning of month/quarter, month-end, and quarter-end values

Invoice Calculation

  • Calculate invoices in USD or any other currency
  • Add/remove discounts as appropriate
  • Calculate performance fee impacts
  • Add any outstanding balances or credits owed to client

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