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Institutional Managers

Get ahead and stay ahead with STP’s institutional-grade platform

Outsource Front, Middle, & Back Office Functions

Outsource Front, Middle, & Back Office Functions

STP serves institutional managers:

  • Extension of your team – we are the office down the hall
  • Daily processing for accounting, reconciliation, and performance
  • Multi-currency and multi-asset class
  • GIPS compliant investment performance calculation and composites
  • Cloud-based portal
  • Integrated with 1,000+ custodians and financial institutions
  • Global presence with a 24-hour “follow-the sun” operating model
  • Custom client reporting to stand out from the pack
Why Choose STP

Why Choose STP

Institutional asset managers partner with STP to access and optimize numerous benefits, including:

  • Get up and running quickly

  • Reduce staff and software costs

  • Access to our experts

  • Scale without restriction

  • Focus on core competencies

  • Secure data via STP’s cloud-based platform

  • Keeping up to date with evolving regulatory updates

Ways to Work With Us

Outsourcing Model

Outsource everything.
Bundle functions.
Outsource single components.

Software & Apps

STP offers investment firms cloud-based,
industry-leading FinTech software.
Access apps, products, and features.

Staffing Model

Investment operations expertise.
Fill staffing gaps with STP’s team.
No additional overhead.

Institutional Manager Services

With STP, institutional managers have control and flexibility. Outsource part or all of your front, middle, and back-office to STP to improve efficiency.

We’ll grow with you, not get in your way.

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