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Performance Measurement

Cloud-based software for daily performance, GIPS composites, & attribution

Implement Performance Software & Expertise

Investment firms want detailed performance data to evaluate manager returns. Providing this level of information requires in-depth knowledge and subject matter expertise supported by powerful, yet easy-to-use software.

STP’s Performance Measurement service combines talented, CIPM-credentialed teams and robust software covering key components including:

  • Portfolio Performance Measurement
  • Composite Management
  • Performance Attribution & Risk Statistics
  • Team Structure & Support

Performance dashboards for GIPS-based calculations


STP's Performance Dashboards

Portfolio Performance Measurement

  • Equity & fixed income attribution
  • STP calculates portfolio performance at total level (net and gross) and security level
    • Money-weighted and dollar-weighted calculations
    • Customize segments (performance models) to calculate rates of return, and at composite level
  • Source/upload benchmark data from third-party vendors
    • Customize index data
  • Extensive QA daily process using automated exception tools
    • Fast identification and resolution of errors
  • STP Data Warehouse
    • Portfolio, segment, & composite level performance and benchmark data stored in STP’s data warehouse
    • Anytime access to performance data via SaaS Portal



Composite Management

  • Data sourced directly from DataMart, eliminating manual processes
  • Set-up and configure new accounts and composites
  • Reporting access: composite performance and assets reporting, custom reports, disclosures, and benchmarks
  • GIPS presentations & reports
    • Composite, Pooled Fund, and Asset Owner reports
    • Flexibility to customize GIPS reports
    • Professional relationship with top verification firms to fast-track verifications

Performance dashboards for GIPS-based calculations

Performance Attribution & Risk Statistics

  • Data integration with STP’s Data Warehouse eliminates need to reconcile between attribution returns and performance returns
  • Customizable equity & fixed income attribution analysis – firm-specific segments, attributes, and decision processes
  • Daily sub-security level contribution and attribution for long and short positions, multi-asset, and multi-currency returns
  • Complete universe of ex-post risk statistics
  • Extensive data visualization of time-series and point-in-time performance and risk
  • Daily modified Dietz & IRR solves traditional technical smoothing and component calculation challenges

Performance dashboards for GIPS-based calculations

Team Overview & Support

  • US team averages 15 years of performance industry experience
  • Numerous CIPM-credentialed subject matter experts show commitment to continuous learning and performance knowledge
  • Data Management solutions limits need for reworking calculations
  • STP’s Performance Dashboard powers oversight and efficiency


How To Deploy Our Performance Measurement Services

Outsourcing Model

Outsource performance measurement functions to STP.

Staffing Model

Access our performance measurement expertise.

Performance Measurement Services

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