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How do you overcome data quality challenges?

Use A Rock-Solid Data Warehouse

Use A Rock-Solid Data Warehouse

STP’s Data Warehouse scalable and expandable solutions give firms a way to centralize data to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Benefits of our cloud-based Data Warehouse solution include:

  • Single Data Source – Consolidate your disparate multi-sourced data into a single data gateway
  • Flexible Data Retrieval Options  – Quickly and securely access all warehouse data via our flexible API library or our Report Builder software product
  • Cloud-Based Scalability – Our cloud-based solution scales on the fly to support the largest of data sets
  • Secure! – Data access is governed by a role-based security framework.  All warehouse data is encrypted at rest and in motion.


Our Data Warehouse Components

Our Data Warehouse Components

Data Transfer – use APIs or Secure FTP to import data

Golden Copy – flexible, defined fields to determine the top data source

Data Management/Controls – monitoring data loads & identify gaps/issues

STP’s Cloud-Based Software Portal – data availability via API, reports, dashboards, and widgets

Data Security – cloud-based to allow anywhere, anytime access

Downstream Data Delivery – STP leverage a custom built File Transfer and ETL software solution to reliably distributed data to systems and vendors

Legacy Data – migrate data to STP to sunset outdated, costly databases and systems

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Outsource data warehouse functions to STP.

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