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Automate Fund Subscriptions

Raise assets faster by automating fund subscriptions for investors

Simplify Investment Applications

Simplify Investment Applications

Complex investment products don’t need complex investment application processes. By reducing cumbersome manual application workflows, investment funds can raise assets faster.

STP Fund Services offers firms a way to automate fund subscriptions and redemptions. Our new investor portal simplifies, streamlines, and automates investor applications, offering:

  • Easy, web-based application with visual status updates
  • Interactive, user-driven guided navigation
Use Automation to Stay Compliant

Use Automation to Stay Compliant

The investor subscription portal by STP Fund Services supports compliance efforts to provide investors with necessary fund materials.

STP Fund Services offers:

  • Investor views of a personalized list of available fund products
  • Automated email delivery and investor acknowledgment of the PPM
Determine Investor Qualifications

Determine Investor Qualifications

Investors must qualify to invest in hedge funds and other types of alternative or private placement funds. STP’s investor portal automates fund subscriptions and walks investors through a questionnaire where they self-attest to their status as:

  • Qualified Purchaser
  • Accredited Investor

STP’s subscription portal will show each investor a list of all investment funds that are available for investment, based on their status.

Strengthen KYC Efforts

Strengthen KYC Efforts

Investment firms are required to adequately “Know Your Client” (“KYC”) before doing business with investors.

STP’s investor portal automates fund subscriptions and enhances KYC by guiding investors through a Q&A section that must be completed for the investor to continue the investing workflow. Get key KYC data including:

  • Investment knowledge, experience, and capacity
  • Educational background
  • KYC documents like a passport or driver’s license


Streamline with Digital Signatures

Streamline with Digital Signatures

STP uses DocuSign in our investor portal to streamline the process of gathering the signatures required to complete a fund investment.

Automate fund subscriptions from start to finish.

  • DocuSign digital signatures keep the process moving
  • Completion of investor applications by STP’s CCO
  • Digital audit trail and document storage in STP’s investor portal

Ready to Automate Fund Subscriptions?

Automate Fund Subscriptions

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