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Combine the front, middle, and back office with STP

Investment Operations Services

Trade Settlements • Data Management • Portfolio Accounting • Performance • Reconciliation • Corporate Actions & Pricing • Fee Billing

Fund Services

Fund Administration • Shadow Accounting • Portfolio NAV Calculations • Feeder NAV & Investor Allocations 

Business Process Solutions

Advent Portfolio Accounting & Reconciliation • Support 3rd Party Software • Client Reporting • Performance History Updates

Trade Settlements

Custodian Trade Routing • Broker Matching • Pre-Match/Fails Tracking • Trade Affirmation • Global Service • KPI Reporting


Central Trading Desk • Pre-trade Compliance • Commission Tracking • Broker-Routing • TCA Reporting


Automated Matching & Break Resolution • Reconciliation Dashboard • 3-Way Rec: Admin, Custodian, & Manager


Performance Measurement

CIPM Expertise • Total/Security Level Performance • GIPS Composites • Performance Dashboards

Client Reporting

Automate/Streamline Reporting • Firm Branding • Investment Commentary • Dashboard Branding • Standard Templates • Custom Reports


Portfolio Accounting

Multi-Currency Accounting • Trade-Settle Date •  24×5 Capabilities • Data & OMS Integration • Multi-Currency Conversions • Complex Investments


ADVs • 13F/H Filings • Compliance Manual • Personal Trading Policies • Code of Ethics • Audit Support

Data Warehouse

Import Any Data Source • Data Transfer •  Golden Copy Rules • Cloud-Based Security • Migrate Legacy Data • Data Controls


Data Management

24×5 Data Management Model • Real-Time Security Master File • Multi-Data Vendor Import • Automated Data Validation • Exception Reporting


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