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Creative, flexible, easy-to-use reporting software

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Configure reports how you want, not what an inflexible system allows. Creative, smart, flexible. That’s STP’s Report Builder.

Feature highlights:

  • Use smart, flexible components to quickly build branded, visually stunning reports.
  • Create tabular-based reports on the fly using a wide assortment of tools and available data fields.
  • Simple 3-step process to generate a custom report
  • Simple publishing process that supports a real time preview


Fast, Easy Report Creation

Fast, Easy Report Creation

STP’s report templates give you a quick and easy way to start building and maintaining reports the way you want, with the data and information you need.

  • Choose from an array of best practice templates or create your own
  • Select available fields from a vast inventory
  • Integrate user defined fields
  • Use a series of design/formatting options
  • Apply aggregates, sorting, and grouping to any field
  • Define column alignments, decimal precision, and date formatting, among others
  • Rename any of column as you see fit
  • Organize your reports with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality
  • Create custom and calculated fields on the fly

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