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Audit Control & Task Management Software-as-a-Service

Audit Control & Task Management Software-as-a-Service


Promote Accountability. Reduces Risk. Flexible. Secure.

ControlOps© is an auditor approved key application that eliminates the need for paper backup and manual checklists, shows a compliance calendar, establishes clear responsibilities and authority, and enables efficient operational control and oversight in all areas of the investment management operation.

This application can support multiple audit and regulatory processes including: SOC, Financial Audit, Dodd-Frank, Know Your Client, and Anti-Money Laundering. ControlOps is customizable to your exact needs and flexible enough to manage the ever-changing regulatory requirements of the financial industry.

75% Reduction In Audit Time

ControlOps reduces internal audit testing time up to 75% with its automated reporting and extract capabilities

Risk Reduction Guaranteed

ControlOps significantly reduces audit exception risk since it eliminates the need for paper checklists and signatures that many firms use today

Implement Service Level Agreement Based Software

Features Include:

  • Task and Service Level Agreement views at the company, team, and individual levels
  • Prioritize tasks based on service level agreements
  • Out-of-office calendar integration
  • Ad hoc task templates that support non-recurring workflows (e.g. new account setup, SEC audit, new employee setup)
  • Complete audit trail to show completion and backup document detail
Transparency & Accountability

Transparency & Accountability

  • Easily view daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual recurring tasks
  • System generated web and email-based notifications highlighting upcoming deliverables
  • Have the flexibility to assign both processor and approvers for each task
  • Flexible control types that support all new and existing compliance and audit regulation

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