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Streamline Client Reporting

Streamline Client Reporting

STP’s cloud-based reporting software streamlines the operational and client reporting process.  Our solution is built on a cloud-based, innovative technology stack, that is scalable and secure.  We understand the bottlenecks that exists through the entire reporting process.  As a result, our platform has been developed from the ground up to help automate and solve the traditional reporting pain points.

Create. Package. Schedule. Distribute. That’s automation. That’s STP.

Our reporting software provides the following key features:

  • Generate reports efficiently from an extensive inventory
  • Configure “smart parameters” to generate highly configurable reports
  • Use the STP Report Builder software product to create reports on the fly
  • Streamline the management of your commentary using the STP Commentary Manager
  • Use the STP Scheduler to deliver reporting packages
  • Release client packages directly to the STP Investor Portal

Learn About STP's Reporting Software

STP's Reporting Software Features

Report Builder

Develop reports on the fly with custom software

Client Reporting + Packager

Configure client packages from an extensive report library


Seamless commentary management and integration

Scheduling + Distribution

Deliver packages at month and quarter-end with ease

Reporting Packaging Made Easy

Reporting Packaging Made Easy

Use STP’s Packager to streamline and automate the client package creation process.

Features include:

  • Drag-and-drop interface that provides an enhanced user experience
  • Dynamic account list integration
  • PDF, Excel and Powerpoint output types
  • Flexible report filtering and dynamic date parameters
  • Scheduling & Distribution integration
  • Apply branding profiles for consistent look and feel
Fully Integrated Commentary Management

Fully Integrated Commentary Management

Your clients want to hear from you. After all, they trust you to manage their assets and wealth.

STP’s Report Builder software empowers you to communicate with clients with your perspectives on the markets, economy, and portfolio management.

Our Commentary Management tools include:

  • Custom web forms that offer document-like feel
  • Easy upload and maintenance of portfolio-level investment commentary
  • Real-time generation preview to ensure desired formatting
  • Seamless Client package integration
  • Image and Chart upload capabilities for details informational views
Distribute With STP Scheduler

Distribute With STP Scheduler

Using automation to schedule and distribute reports is the fastest way to improve efficiency with reporting functions.

STP’s Report Builder gives you the flexibility to use automated scheduling and distribution to produce timely and reliable reports and packages. Flexible configuration options allow you to:

  • Configure report delivery frequency based on business requirements
  • Send PDF and Excel based reports to individuals and distribution lists
  • Provide alerts that report packages are ready for download


Integrate Your Brand

Create custom profiles that adhere to your corporate style and branding guide:

  • Upload logo and choose color scheme
  • Apply brand to reports, packages and dashboards
  • White label the Investor Portal to ensure consistent branding for clients, advisors, and investors.
Use Smart Filtering & Tagging

Use Smart Filtering & Tagging

STP understands that many firms need to be able to find reports at a moment’s notice.

Our reporting tools have tagging and filtering functionality that you can use to:

  • Categorize reporting based specific words
  • Make reporting public or private
  • Associate tags or keywords to individual reports
  • Filter report lists using tags
  • Connect tags with individual reports
  • Associate reports to specific tags

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