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STP's reconciliation dashboard powers transparency



STP’s Global Reconciliation Dashboard is cutting-edge, cloud-based software that provides direct insight into our operational reconciliation service.

Key dashboard features include:

  • Detailed account summary, transaction, and position reconciliation views
  • Interactive charts to highlight matched status, approved status, currency exposure, and break reason
  • Fully customizable data tables where columns can be added, removed, ordered, filtered, and sorted all with a user-friendly drag and drop interface
  • Ability to save custom views and share across your organization
  • Interactive status comment management
Transaction & Position Views

Transaction & Position Views

As part of our commitment to transparency our reconciliation dashboard exposes nearly 100 unique fields.  These fields are delivered within 3 views:

  • Account Summary Table – transaction and position summary view reflecting both matched and unmatched items for the day
  • Transaction Break Table– detailed view displaying net amount break information
  • Position Break Table – detailed view reflecting quantity break information

STP's Reconciliation Dashboards

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