Complete Front to Back Services

Unify the front, middle, and back office to streamline the investment cycle

Simple, Streamlined, Scalable Solutions

STP’s fully integrated, comprehensive front-to-back service model provides compelling benefits and value including:

  • Worldwide team of dedicated staff and subject matter experts
  • Avoid application upgrades
  • Integrated data security across platforms
  • Propriety and best-of-breed software and apps
  • Control cost with asset-based fees
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Scale without limitations or restrictions

About Our Full Service Model

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions

No technology to install. Just login and get to work. Our web-based solutions include:

  • Order management
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Transaction management (matching, settlements, and fail tracking)
  • Portfolio Accounting (IBOR/ABOR)
  • Data management
  • Reconciliation processing
  • Security valuations
  • Investment performance
  • Client reporting portal
Trade Asset Classes Across The Globe

Trade Asset Classes Across The Globe

With STP’s global service model, trade in any asset class, in any market around the world.

  • US & Global Equities
  • US & Global Fixed Income
  • Exchange-traded Derivatives
  • Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • OTC Derivatives


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