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Fund Managers

Fund services built on an industry-leading platform for any fund structure

Many Funds, One Solution

Many Funds, One Solution

As an industry-leading, independent fund administrator, STP is proud to partner with managers covering a wide array of fund structures, including:

  • Pooled / Commingled
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Fund of Funds
  • 40 Act Shadow
  • Real Estate

Key Capabilities for Fund Managers

Fund Administration

  • Generate P&L
  • Calculate daily/monthly/quarterly NAVs
  • Independent valuations
  • Reconciliation/verification of portfolio to brokers & custodians
  • Calculation and allocation fund expenses
  • Tax and audit support
  • Prepare financial statements

Investor Services

  • KYC & AML
  • Subscriptions, reductions, & transfer activity
  • Cash management
  • Investor reporting and STP BluePrint Investor portal
  • Share register of investors
  • Open and support bank accounts

Middle & Back Office Services

  • Trade capture and processing
  • Security master, pricing, and data enrichment
  • Cash and collateral management
  • Shadow NAV / NAV Reconciliation
  • Fund performance and attribution
  • Fund factsheets
  • Update consultant databases
Why Choose STP

Why Choose STP

Fund managers partner with STP to access and optimize numerous operational benefits, including:

  • Administration of all fund structures

  • Reduce staff and software cost

  • Access STP’s experts

  • Scale without limitations

  • STP’s continuous investment in technology

  • Focus on core core competency

Ways to Work With Us

Outsourcing Model

Outsource everything.
Bundle functions.
Outsource single components.

Software & Apps

STP offers investment firms cloud-based,
industry-leading FinTech software.
Access apps, products, and features.

Staffing Model

Fund services expertise.
Fill staffing gaps with STP’s team.
No additional overhead.

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