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Trying to overcome reconciliation challenges?

Use A Global Reconciliation Model

Use A Global Reconciliation Model

Trade breaks pose significant financial and operational risks to firms. Reconciling positions, cash, and transactions is a critical function supporting portfolio management.

STP’s outsourced model provides investment firms with:

  • 24×5 service from our global team of experts
  • Normalized data
  • Custom or standard matching
  • Automation
  • Interactive, near real-time reconciliation dashboard

STP's Reconciliation Dashboard

Institutional-Grade Reconciliation Services

Institutional-Grade Reconciliation Services

STP’s outsourced model lowers cost and reduces risk exposure by using automation and a time-tested process that includes:

  • Automated matching and break resolution
  • Three-way reconciliation: Administrator, Custodian, and Manager
  • Full transparency via client reconciliation dashboard
  • Feeds from hundreds of custodians/administrators/prime brokers
  • STP oversees feed set-up and custodian linkages
  • Daily cash, transaction, position, and tax lot reconciliations for all accounts
  • Trade Date or Settlement Date
  • Reconcile against Order Management Systems
  • Oversight: management metrics, aging analysis, and exposure reporting
STP's Reconciliation Dashboard Powers Transparency

STP's Reconciliation Dashboard Powers Transparency

STP’s global reconciliation dashboard is cutting-edge, agile technology that provides a line of sight and accountability.

Key dashboard features that increase transparency:

  • Quick snapshots of daily reconciliation
  • Data reconciliation and management
  • 30-minute dashboard refresh throughout trading day
  • Ongoing status updates
  • Interactive status comment management

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Outsourcing Model

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Software & Apps

Get cloud-based software, apps, and products.

Staffing Model

Access our reconciliation expertise.

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