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Outsource the Front, Middle, and Back Office

Outsource the Front, Middle, and Back Office

When faced with a limited number of internal resources to deliver an exceptional client experience, managing a DIY tech platform isn’t your only solution for achieving front, middle and back-office efficiency.  

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Service. Transparency. Partnership. 

Service is the foundation of everything we do. To us, that means being exceptional listeners, adapting to new challenges, and prioritizing the continuous improvement of our solutions. We know this requires unprecedented transparency into everything we do, on a daily basis, along with an unrelenting commitment to our partnership, ensuring we’re adding value by helping you move your businesses forward.

Our Tech Solution

Our Tech Solution

Achieve true operational success with STP BluePrint. Designed for unprecedented transparency, flexibility and control, BluePrint transcends the limits of the traditional advisor portal to empower you to build more for your business and your clients.

See why BluePrint is more than a portal:

  • Dynamic, customizable dashboards allow you to architect the data views that meet your unique needs
  • The elegant aesthetic enables seamless navigation between the tools you use the most
  • Clean, accurate, accessible data empowers you to engineer a plan for success

Use the building blocks of BluePrint to bring your goals to life.

Why STP Is a Fit for Family Offices 

Why STP Is a Fit for Family Offices 

No two firms’ outsourcing needs are the same. Unlike all-or-nothing tech platforms and traditional TAMPs, STP offers a  flexible middle-ground for firms looking to leverage powerful outsourced investment operations while still retaining control over aspects of their back, middle and front office. 

Your business is unique and we know better than to think your service needs are any different. That’s why our institutional-ready platform is built for flexibility and control, and our client engagement model is made for customization.

We follow a flexible co-creation model based on collaboration, enabling you to configure and implement only the tech-enabled services and solutions you need, and none that you don’t. It’s that simple. 


Ways to Work With Us

Outsourcing Model

Outsource everything.
Bundle functions.
Outsource single components.

Software & Apps

STP offers investment firms cloud-based,
industry-leading FinTech software.
Access apps, products, and features.

Staffing Model

Portfolio accounting expertise.
Fill staffing gaps with STP’s team.
No additional overhead.

Outsourcing Without Compromise

Contact us today to schedule a call to hear about how STP provides family offices with opportunities to reduce operations costs.


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