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Flexible front-to-back services, software, and expertise to increase efficiency

Outsource the Front, Middle, and Back Office

Outsource the Front, Middle, and Back Office

Family offices partner with STP to access our people-driven expertise and/or cloud-based platform that streamlines key front, middle, and back office functions, and includes:

  • Daily reconciliation to custodian, sponsor, or broker
  • Account aggregation
  • Multi-currency and multi-asset class capabilities
  • Custom and standard reporting
  • Portfolio performance
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Integration from more than 1,000 data feeds
  • Secure client portal
Overcoming The Statement Digitization Challenge

Overcoming The Statement Digitization Challenge

STP partners with our clients to manage accounts without an automated data feed.  Our process includes statement aggregation, streamlining transaction entry, and data quality checks.

Accessing Statements

  • STP aggregates statements in numerous ways

Digitizing Statements

  • Convert data from PDFs into file for importing into accounting platform

Quality Assurance

  • Reports to track quality of data imports
Why Choose STP

Why Choose STP

Family offices partner with STP to access and optimize numerous operational benefits, including:

  • Proven onboarding process
  • Reduce staff and software costs
  • Access to our Advent/accounting platform experts
  • Ability to scale without restrictions
  • STP’s continuous investment in technology
  • Focus on core competency
  • Cloud-based platform ensures data security
  • Digitizing statements from manual workflows 

Ways to Work With Us

Outsourcing Model

Outsource everything.
Bundle functions.
Outsource single components.

Software & Apps

STP offers investment firms cloud-based,
industry-leading FinTech software.
Access apps, products, and features.

Staffing Model

Portfolio accounting expertise.
Fill staffing gaps with STP’s team.
No additional overhead.

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