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A complete suite of services that deliver best-in-class fund administration

Fund Administration Expertise

Fund Administration Expertise

STP is an independent Fund Administrator. Our services include accuracy over books and records, investor account statements, financial reporting, NAV calculation, audit, and tax support.

  • Process subscription and redemption requests following fund guidelines
  • Send financial statements and other related materials to investors
  • Organize and maintain documents, contracts, agreements, and investor correspondence
  • Produce Fund Fact Sheets and other fund materials
  • Simplify and streamline fund subscriptions

How to Automate Fund Subscriptions

Shadow Accounting Services

Shadow Accounting Services

Our fund accounting team brings expertise and business sense to each client engagement. Shadow accounting functions you can count us to oversee:

  • Preparing trial balances based upon managers or relevant third-party sources
  • Price portfolio holdings based upon your valuation policy
  • Calculate and record management fees and performance incentives
  • Calculate Fund NAV
  • Allocate income, losses, and expenses among investors

Key Fund Services Capabilities

Fund Administration

  • Generate P&L
  • Calculate daily/monthly/quarterly NAVs
  • Independent valuations
  • Reconciliation/verification of portfolio to brokers & custodians
  • Calculation and allocation fund expenses
  • Tax and audit support
  • Prepare financial statements

Investor Services

  • KYC & AML
  • Subscriptions, redemptions, & transfer activity
  • Cash management
  • Investor reporting and portal
  • Share register of investors
  • Open and support bank accounts

Middle & Back Office Services

  • Trade capture and processing
  • Security master, pricing, and data enrichment
  • Cash and collateral management
  • Shadow NAV / NAV Reconciliation
  • Fund performance and attribution
  • Fund factsheets
  • Update consultant databases

Audit Support

Audits are no fun. Our audit team brings an eagle-eyed consistency and attention to detail in
completing and overseeing the work needed to support your business, including:

  • Preparing annual audited and semi-annual/quarterly unaudited financial statements
  • Drafting financial statement footnote disclosures as required by GAAP and IFRS
  • Producing year-end audit packages in coordination with your auditors
  • Resolve any audit-related inquiries with you and your auditors as they arise

How to Deploy Our Fund Services

Outsourcing Model

Outsource fund administration functions to STP.

Staffing Model

Access our fund administration expertise.

Want to Launch Products Faster? Download The E-Book!

Want to Launch Products Faster? Download The E-Book!

When you’re dealing with millions or billions of dollars, mistakes can add up quickly, especially if you are leaning on Excel spreadsheets and other manual processes to do the math. At STP, we work with fund administrators to shore up their internal operations, and we see the same errors, miscalculations and omissions pop up all the time. Read more about the most common errors fund administrators make and how to avoid them moving forward.

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