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Improve Front, Middle and Back Office Efficiencies

Improve Front, Middle and Back Office Efficiencies

Growing financial services firms facing increasing industry demands are faced with two options: Vetting, implementing and maintaining new tech platforms, or relinquishing transparency and control to fully outsourced operational models.

STP offers a compelling alternative, empowering wealth managers with the front-, middle- and-back office outsourced solutions that save time and lower costs, while providing unprecedented transparency into their data and the work our team is doing on their behalf via BluePrint, our best-in-class tech platform.

Key BluePrint Features for Wealth Managers

Data Management

To support the unique structure and entities of your clients, STP will take in, aggregate, enrich and report on even your most complex data requirements.

Data Warehouse

Our scalable, expandable cloud-based data warehouse consolidates disparate, multi-sourced data into a single gateway with flexible and secure retrieval capabilities.

Balance Sheets & Asset Details

Get a consolidated view of your client’s complete financial landscape, including data on their cash accounts, investable market assets, alternatives, real estate, and more.

Alternative Asset Details

Our unique AI-driven process procures, ingests, and extracts alternative investment data and generates intricate reports that include IRR calculations,  historical data, and forecasting insights

Customized Reporting & Automation

Generate personalized reporting packages to meet the unique needs of the clients you serve, then schedule and distribute them quickly and seamlessly.

Performance Overview

See aggregated performance views across all asset types and methodologies, including time-and money-weighted returns and individual holdings reports broken out by alternative assets, liquid and semi-liquid assets, and more. 

 Tech Powered

Tech Powered

We use technology as a vehicle for exceptional service, focusing on behind-scenes advancements that keep your firm running smoothly. BluePrint brings our service offering to life by giving you unprecedented flexibility, control, and transparency into your firm’s data and everything our team is doing for your business in real time. 

Service First

Service First

Service separates outsourced providers from outsourced partners—and service is the foundation of everything we do. We’re dedicated to ensuring your success by:

  • Making sure your experience is consistent and uninterrupted
  • Providing a range of tech and resources to help you meet your goals
  • Constantly looking for ways to improve your operations 
Free E-Book: Growing Your Wealth Management Firm Without Growing Your Tech Budget

Free E-Book: Growing Your Wealth Management Firm Without Growing Your Tech Budget

Wealth management firms have been facing increasing demands and industry complexities since giants like Netflix and Amazon ushered in an age of digital transformation, changing the way customers interact with their service providers.

Download this free e-book and learn how to Grow Your Wealth Management Firm With Out Growing Your Tech Budget.



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