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STP's secure, reliable, scalable, and fast software platform

Our Cloud-Based Software

Our Cloud-Based Software

STP’s software platform is an industry-leading reporting, dashboarding, and data management solution. Our proprietary SaaS environment is disrupting the way firms look at software.

  • Delivered via a true cloud-based infrastructure that translates to an elastic highly scalable solution
  • Uses a cutting-edge software stack to ensure a premium user experience, with lightning fast access to data
  • Generate, deliver, and release client reporting within minutes

We’re proud of our continuous investment in our cyber and information security posture. Our product supports:

  • Granular role-based security
  • Encryption at rest and in motion
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Enhanced user account security
  • User behavioral analytics preventing cyber security breaches
Client-Driven Software Roadmap

Client-Driven Software Roadmap


STP is different from other firms. All software development is done in-house, by our team. No outsourcing!

Just as important, we listen to our clients and hear their bottlenecks and pain-points in creating our software roadmap. We partner with our clients to co-create solutions to improve automation and solve problems.

Our groundbreaking, rigorous development process includes:

  • True agile software development methodology
  • Daily international scrum sessions
  • 24-hour development
  • Rock-solid Quality Assurance and testing process that delivers quality
  • Innovative test automation software framework ensures consistency and reliability in the reporting process

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