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Portfolio Accounting

Are multi-currency and complex investments challenging to manage?

Outsource To Add Control & Order

Outsource To Add Control & Order

Portfolio accounting is an integral part of any investment firm’s operation.

Investment firms outsource portfolio accounting tasks to STP to access our people-driven, technology-enabled, and SLA-based capabilities, including:

  • Extensive coverage across all security types, including complex investments
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Trade date and settlement date accounting
  • Integration with data vendors and order management systems
  • 24/5 processing capabilities
  • Scalable architecture can handle extreme transaction volumes
  • Flexible multi-basis, multi-currency conversions
  • Customizable accounting functions and methodologies
  • Systematic workflows with easily accessible audit trails

How To Deploy Our Portfolio Accounting Services

Outsourcing Model

Outsource portfolio accounting functions to STP.

Staffing Model

Access our portfolio accounting expertise.

Portfolio Accounting Services

Contact us today to hear more about how STP’s portfolio accounting capabilities can bring efficiency to your middle and back office operations.

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