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STP Investor Dashboard

STP Investor Dashboard

STP’s powerful Investor Dashboard provides clients with cloud-based access to account level information.

Our dashboard includes the following features:

  • White-label views to ensure consistent brand exposure
  • Current market value
  • Inception-to-date performance
  • Monthly change in net performance
  • Asset allocation charts and breakout
  • Graphs with summary view of income and performance (both net and gross)
    • MTD, QTD, Year-To-Date, Three Year & Inception-To-Date Return Information
Document Retrieval

Document Retrieval

STP’s Investor Dashboard contains a document repository that securely exposes all client statement and reports.

The document repository features include:

  • Automated approval workflows to release client statements
  • Configure document categories for easy access
  • Single and bulk download options
  • Unlimited data retention for audit risk reduction
  • Mobile-friendly interface to support IOS and Android viewing

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