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7 Simple Steps To Confirm Your Preparedness for T+1

March 2024

With the decreasing trade settlement cycle of T+1 going live in May 2024, firms need to make sure they have adequately prepared for this transition while minimizing any disruptions in their day-to-day workflows. The DTCC has created an Implementation Playbook and according to this we are in the last phase, “Test, Migrate”.

We know the DTCC will be ready, but are you?

STP and the DTCC hosted the last webinar you need to attend on this topic.  Consider this your firm’s final self-evaluation to ensure your preparedness for this important event.  During our time together we outlined seven, clear actionable steps needed to ensure your firm is fully ready for this accelerated settlement cycle.

Webinar Takeaways:

  •  T+1 Current State
  • Seven actionable steps to ensure you and your service provider partners are prepared for no disruption at go-live
  • How to mitigate potential implications from readiness issues
  • Is T+0 next?

Click here to watch the webinar recording

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