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STP Employees Travel Between Expanded Offices in Bangalore, India and the US

January 2018

In July 2017, STP Investment Services announced the opening of our newly expanded top tier offices in Bangalore, India. The offices provide triple the space of our previous location to accommodate our remarkable growth. To mark the occasion, Patrick Murray, Chief Executive Officer of STP Investment Services, Keith Bradley, Chief Operations Officer, and Jordan Domsky, Senior Software Engineer traveled to Bangalore to see the new facilities firsthand, and to celebrate and work directly with the team. The US team members were overwhelmed by the warm reception they received upon arrival. “The happiness and gratitude we were met with was apparent in the traditional Indian welcome we received, including a beautiful display made from flowers. It set the tone for a great trip to come,” said Jordan Domsky.

Patrick Murray, CEO of STP Investment Services, addressed the employees and spoke of the history of STP Investment Services, how the Core Values of the company make it such an ideal place to work, and the plan for continued growth and expansion. Throughout the trip several events were organized including a “Meet and Greet” with employees and their families that included performances of traditional dance and song, and a celebration banquet. When asked about his thoughts on the visit, Ravi Agarwal, Director & Head of India Operations, noted, “It was a proud moment for the Indian employees who were able to meet and interact personally with Patrick about the growth and development of the organization in the coming years. Overall, it was a great and one of a kind historic moment for the employees which greatly motivated their morale and dedication.”

Since the trip, the team has made several changes to enrich the global community that is STP Investment Services. Overall communication was enhanced to strengthen cohesiveness, including shifting weekly phone calls to video conferences, developing relationships between team members resulting in more open communication and dialogue, and increasing regular travel between the offices. Accordingly, three members of Team India including Ravi Agarwal, Vishal Mehta, and Ranjit Biswas are currently on location in the United States working with the West Chester team for two weeks. While in town, Ravi, Vishal, and Ranjit were also able to attend the Company Offsite and Planning Session, the STP Investment Services Holiday Party, and engage with many members of the team during offsite activities. Asked about his first experience traveling to the US offices, Ranjit Biswas commented, “It is a great and lifetime opportunity for me to be in the US Office. The office culture is so nice, and everyone is open to talk. I have gained valuable experience by attending the offsite meeting and experiencing 360-degree information about STP and its growth story. I am motivated by the rapid rate of growth and career opportunities with STP.”

To summarize STP Investment Services approach to achieving a more integrated team by encouraging regular travel between offices, Patrick Murray said, “The recent trip to Bangalore was simply amazing. STP really has a special global team that truly cares. I felt this firsthand the moment I walked into the expanded offices in Bangalore. By increasing the time spent in person and through video conferencing, people are able to develop relationships that foster mutual respect and camaraderie that ultimately translates into high performing teams and the best service for our clients.”

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