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STP Partners with APX Stream

December 2020

West Chester, PA – STP Investment Services, a leading provider of scalable, transparent  front, middle, and back office software-enabled services for investment managers, funds, family offices, wealth managers, and plan sponsors, today announced that it formed a strategic alliance and partnership with APX Stream, a global leader for independent investment data management and distribution. The partnership will enable STP to offer APX’s custom-built, industry-leading, smart database technology for STP and its investment and fund management clients through STP’s world-class SaaS Portal.

Combining STP’s complete front-to-back services and software platform with an APX database gives investment and fund managers unmatched control over data by automating data management and distribution to a manager’s choice of industry databases.

“With our continued focus on enriching the client experience and expanding our services and SaaS platform, we’re thrilled to form a strategic partnership with APX Stream. STP is a data-driven firm and we recognized that we could better serve our clients and the industry by offering a simple way to streamline the process of distributing data to industry databases, a vital resource for managers growing assets and winning mandates. We chose to partner with APX Stream who have already built the integrations and database and by doing so enables us to access APX’s successful ten-year track record of levelling the playing field for investment and fund managers across all structures,” said Patrick Murray, CEO of STP Investment Services.

Richard Jackson, APX Stream CEO commented, “We could not be happier about our partnership with STP. The APX Stream Data Vault software, when combined with the breadth and depth of the STP team’s industry experience, will provide clients with a powerful service to enhance investment data management and distribution. No one in the industry is offering a data-driven service of this caliber in assisting asset managers with retaining assets and growing AUM.”

By partnering with APX Stream, STP will be able to offer clients a conflict-free data distribution process, as APX supports uploading of data to any database a manager chooses. This independence and flexibility, along with an automated process that connects directly with investment databases, allows investment and fund managers to focus on core competencies like raising assets and managing portfolios.

About STP Investment Services

 STP Investment Services is a collaborative partner providing scalable, transparent, front, middle and back office solutions to investment managers, funds, family offices, wealth managers and plan sponsors providing the service, software, expertise, and confidence needed to focus on core business objectives. To mitigate operational risk, cost, and scale the business rapidly and effectively, investment managers, funds, family offices, wealth managers, and plan sponsors need to focus on performance, minimizing risk, growing assets, fiduciary responsibility, and client service. An international company with fully owned offices in the United States and India, STP Investment Services provides a broad range of services and SaaS offerings for the financial services industry with capabilities to process all asset classes and meet ever-evolving business requirements. For more information, visit the STP Investment Services website at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About APX Stream

APX Stream is the global leader for independent investment data management and distribution. The Data Vault is automated to approximately 60 investment databases across the globe, specializing in all asset classes and product types, retail and institutional. With decades of experience raising hundreds of millions in assets for clients, APX Stream has unparalleled industry awareness and experience. Because APX Stream is fully independent, with no conflicts of interest, its entire business philosophy is centered around doing only what’s best for clients every day. For more information, visit the APX Stream website at, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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