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STP Team-Building Events Put the Fun in Work!

August 2018

Last week the STP offices, in both the US and India, held offsite teambuilding activities. For India, this was an annual full day event and for the US, it was a quarterly evening event. The main goal for our teams was to have fun while strengthening relationships both in and out of the respective offices. In order to achieve this goal, each location hosted a busy schedule of competitive games and activities where everyone participated and got to know one another better.

STP Teambuilding Events Put the Fun in Work!

On August 9, our US team held a field day, dubbed “STP Olympics”, at local East Bradford Park. Games that were played included cornhole, disc golf, a relay race and an obstacle course. Congratulations to Team Blue who managed to come out victorious! A delicious food truck dinner, catered by popular West Chester restaurant Saloon 151, topped off the evening.

Two days later, on August 11th, Team India made their way to a well-known adventure resort in the outskirts of Bangalore called “Area 83” to host fun games and activities that included human foosball, kayaking, volleyball, soccer, cricket, swimming, and team obstacle courses. The trip to and from the resort area was filled with singing and dancing. The energy required for these activities was fueled by two scrumptious meals that were thoroughly enjoyed.

When all was said and done, the US and India teams exchanged photos with one another, which strengthened company-wide camaraderie. STP employees were reminded of the importance and value of making work enjoyable which is a core value of the company.

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